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By creating the World’s First Comprehensive Mechanism for journalists’ safety, we work for a better working environment for journalists in Afghanistan.
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The Importance of the Third of May for a Country like Afghanistan

Such days can be of a higher importance for developing countries or the countries making transition towards democracy like Afghanistan

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Six Month Report (July – December 2014)

AJSC produces bi-annual reports documenting violence against journalists and analyzing the media environment in the country.

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Journalists’ Job Security in Afghanistan

AJSC conducted a research on journalists’ job environment in the country. The research was implemented in eight zones of the country. This report analysis the findings of the research.

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President Karzai and Media

During thirteen years of Mr. Karzai’s presidency, media in Afghanistan flourished. Freedom of Expression become the biggest achievement of government. This report looks at the situation of media during Mr. Karzai’s presidency.

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