About Us

Afghan Journalists Safety Committee (AJSC) is supported by International Media Support (IMS). IMS is a Copenhagen-based international NGO working to support local media in countries affected by armed conflict, human insecurity and political transition. In more than 60 countries across the world IMS helps to strengthen professional journalism and ensure that media are able to operate under challenging circumstances.

AJSC works in partnership with the following national and international media support organizations:

Our partners support us in providing international support to threatened and injured journalists.

Who We Are:

Afghan Journalists Safety Committee (AJSC) is an independent structure dedicated to enhancing safety and protection of Afghan media workers and international reporters working in Afghanistan. AJSC works under the umbrella of Afghanistan New Generation Organization.

AJSC was formed based on the recommendation of Kabul Conference on Freedom of Expression, which was organized in March 2009 by UNAMA.International Media Support (IMS) was mandated to support AJSC.

AJSC has a board of advisors composed of well-known media workers and civil society activists. AJSC’s executive section has official representatives in eight regions of the country and an unofficial focal point in the remaining 26 provinces. This has enabled AJSC to establish representation throughout the country and provide media workers with necessary help when needed.

What do we do?

We provide assistance to journalists in emergency situations and those who are under threat. This includes helping media workers who get injured on the job. We help them with medical treatment inside or outside the country. We also monitor, verify and report threats and attacks on journalists.


AJSC’s hotline provides journalists in emergency situation with 24/7 access to the committee’s support. To help journalists in emergency situations, we leverage our vast network of contacts both in the government and outside and mobilize media support organizations, media and civil society activists.


We provide media workers with safety and first aid training as well as training courses in Photojournalism, Multimedia Reporting and Media Laws and Ethics. The safety training equips the trainees with information and tools on all safety measures needed to mitigate risk during field work, including avoiding potential kidnapping situations, techniques to escape a crossfire, covering the riots and conflict situations. The first aid training includes all basic first aid measures needed for medical emergency situations.


We carry out advocacy work to help create a safe working environment and raise media workers’ awareness about their rights. Our advocacy activities range from raising awareness about the rights and safety of media workers to working with government authorities and lawmakers to influence legislation.

4.Legal Support:

AJSC provides legal support to journalists who are detained or imprisoned or those who face prosecution because of their professional work. We closely monitor the prosecution process from detention to trial to ensure fair and transparent handling of the case by the judiciary institutions.

5.Psychosocial Support:

AJSC provides traumatized journalists with psychosocial support inside and outside Afghanistan. AJSC partners with some of the best psychiatrists and psychologists in Afghanistan.

6.Supporting Female Media Workers:

Providing support to female media workers is an important part of AJSC’s work. AJSC’s female coordinator is the point of contact for all female journalists throughout the country. AJSC’s female coordinator is also in charge of organizing safety training, first aid training and other forms of training for female journalists.