Afghan President Protective Service (PPS) Guard Physically Assaulted Abdullah Khenjani Manager of 1TV

Today, President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani hold an explanatory assembly at Government Media and Information Center (GMIC), where some of the directors and general managers of media outlets of the country were also invited. All the roads to the location were blocked by PPS and remained blocked until the president left the meeting. Finally, one of […]

Insulting Behavior of the Deputy-Spokesperson of the President

Afghan President’s Deputy Spokesperson, Shah Hussain Murtazawi, recently accused one of the journalists, Naseer Fayaz, of being on the payroll of the previous government. Mr. Murtazawi wrote on his Facebook Page that Mr. Fayaz received money from the government in exchange for asking questions that were delivered to him by the President’s media team during […]

challenges of being a woman reporter in Afghanistan

Masooma Sultani, Media Coordinator Afghan Journalists Safety Committee Madina, 24 years old, is a radio operator in Nangarhar Province, in the eastern Afghanistan. She has just resumed her work after two months. Radio waves transmit Medina’s beautiful voice to nook and corner of Nangarhar. Madina (nickname) says she would like to have a brief understanding […]

Afghan Journalists Safety Committee honoured as Free Media Pioneer

The annual Free Media Pioneer Award was established by IPI in 1996 to recognize news or media organizations that have made innovations that have promoted news access or quality or benefitted journalists and the media community, thereby ensuring freer and more independent media in their country or region.This year’s recipient, the Afghan Journalists Safety Committee […]

Afghan Government, One of the Main Addressees of November 2nd

Written By: Ali Yaghoobi Eight years and five months have passed since Zakia Zaki, manager and presenter of Sada-e-Solh (the Voice of Peace) local radio station, was riddled with seven bullets at her house in Jabal-ul-Saraj; however, no one has so far been prosecuted in relation to the crime. Same has been the destiny of […]

The Importance of the Third of May for a Country like Afghanistan

Such days can be of a higher importance for developing countries or the countries making transition towards democracy like Afghanistan

Well Begun is Half Done!

By: Ali Yaqhoobi President Ashraf Ghani started his office with some promising measures for media workers. The actions he has taken so far are signaling a good start that will hopefully be followed by a good finish too. In fact, President Ashraf Ghani took his first step in support of freedom of expression well before assuming […]

The Challenge of the Unwritten yet above the Law, Facing Afghan Media

By: Ali Yaqhoobi Journalism in Afghanistan occasionally faces absolutely unexpected challenges – a challenge that emerges all of a sudden and involves a media outlet so drastically that does not allow any opportunity for reaction, coping or correction of the mistake. Although the written laws of the country have given media certain freedoms, in some […]

Media Support Groups Secure Commitment of Presidential Candidates in Support of Media and Freedom of Expression

By: Afghan Journalists Safety Committee Afghan Journalists Safety Committee, in cooperation with other media support organizations, prevailed upon both of the front-running candidates of the second round of the presidential elections to endorse acommitment letter in support of the media and freedom of expression. The document was drafted by Afghan Journalists Safety Committee in cooperation with other […]

Afghanistan’s Message about World Press Freedom Day

By: Afghan Journalists Safety Committee May 3rd is World Press Freedom Day. It was proclaimed by the UN General Assembly following the recommendation of UNESCO’s General Conference in December 1993. Since then, 3 May, is celebrated worldwide as World Press Freedom Day. It is an opportunity to celebrate the fundamental principles of press freedom and assess […]