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Report on the Murder of Two Journalists in Takhar Province

Date: February 24, 2019 Summary of the Case On the evening of February 5, 2019, two of Radio Hamsada staff, a local radio station in Takhar province, were shot dead inside the office of the Radio. Two unidentified men entered the premises of the radio, using commercial advertisements as an excuse, and shot Shafiq Arya […]

16 Years of Reporting in Afghanistan

AJSC organized the first photo exhibition, which captures various aspects of the media activities across Afghanistan. The main goal of the event was to illustrate the remarkable growth of media and freedom of expression, which is considered Afghanistan’s biggest achievement since 2001. At the same time, it features the harsh and often unfriendly environment that […]

Afghan Journalists Safety Committee honored as Free Media Pioneer

The International Press Institute (IPI), a Vienna-based global network of journalists, editors and media executives, announced the Afghan Journalists Safety Committee as the recipient of the 2017 Free Media Pioneer Award.

AJSC’s press release on Celebration of International Women’s Day

Once silenced voices, today female journalists play an important role in informing the public, holding government officials accountable and promoting human rights and women rights. They have become an anchor of hope to the nation and the voice to the voiceless women. Female journalists’ courage and dedication in practicing their profession in Afghanistan, which was deemed the 2nd most dangerous country for journalists in 2016, deserves recognition and appreciation.

AJSC Press Release on International Day to End Impunity for Crimes Against Journalists

For Immediate Release: Kabul: Today Afghan Journalists Safety Committee in cooperation with United Nations Assistance Mission for Afghanistan (UNAMA) and UNESCO organized an event in Kabul, Afghanistan on the occasion of the International Day to End Impunity of Crimes Against Journalists, which is November 2nd.  High-ranking government officials, international diplomats and senior journalists and media […]

Psychosocial Support for Afghan Journalists

Journalists are the first people to report incidents of violence in the country. Since everyday journalists are the witness of harsh circumstances while reporting different types of violence, suicide attacks, such as the latest attack on protestors in Deh-mazang Square in Kabul, they are prone to experience traumas that would affect their mental health. AJSC’s […]

AJSC’s Declaration on the Recent Threats to Media Outlets and Journalists

Despite the fact that journalists and media organizations have proved their fairness and professionalism by playing a critical role in dissemination of accurate and unbiased information over the last fourteen years, recently they have faced serious threats albeit being professional and unbiased.

Any Attack Against Media Is Considered War Crime

Declaration of Afghan Media Community against the Recent Threats of the Taliban

(Dari) په غزني کې د ملي امنیت د سرتیري له خوا د یوه خبریال د وهلو غندنه

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AJSC Welcomes Presidential Decree Pardoning Najibullah Musafir

Najibullah Musafir, a renowned Afghan photojournalist, who was sentenced to six months imprisonment, was pardoned by President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani by virtue of a presidential decree and will be released soon. The Afghan photojournalist, Najibullah Musafir’s case falls eight years back when he took pictures of female basketball players in the Ghazi Stadium of Kabul. […]