Six Month Report Jul-Dec 2017
11 Jan, 2018

The increase in insecurity and instability in Afghanistan has had a direct impact on media and reporting.
An unprecedented increase in threats and violence against journalists has created serious
concern about the survival of freedoms of expression and press. Because freedom of expression,
freedom of press, and media pluralism are among the country’s most important achievements in the
past 16 years, the threat to media is considered a threat to the country’s overall progress. On the
other hand, increased violence and an increase in the number of terrorist groups have made the
work of journalists more complicated.
In such an environment, journalists and media must operate more cautiously than ever before, so
as not to be exploited by the propaganda arms of various warring groups. Increased threats from
DAESH to media and journalists have created a new wave of concerns about the security of journalists
and media. What is seriously worrying is the group’s direct attacks against media, which in 2017
is responsible for the vast majority of journalists’ deaths.
This is the tenth report of the Afghan Journalists Safety Committee (AJSC), which provides statistics
registered by AJSC on violence against journalists in 2017. The report, in addition to safety of journalists,
briefly outlines major issues facing journalism and press in 2017. It is worth noting that the
filing of cases has been carried out in accordance with AJSC’s policy on violence against journalists
and media, which means only cases that are directly related to journalistic works or those that have
taken place on the job, have been registered.