Six Month Report (July – December 2014)
15 Jan, 2015

2014 was a highly challenging year for Afghan journalists. During this year the escalation of violence against journalists was unprecedented. Moreover, many media organizations faced financial difficulties resulting from political instability, intensified insecurity and declining international aid.
However, despite all challenges, the media showcased exceptional professionalism in providing press coverage to the political, security and economic transition of the country all of which happened during 2014. The successful, responsible and deliberate coverage of the presidential elections is considered a historical success for the fledgling Afghan media. Furthermore, the rigorous coverage of the post-election issues, specifically the focus on government’s performance during the first 100 days, adds to the level of credit Afghan media deserve. Despite all these achievements, the challenges against media and journalists need to be taken seriously. Violence and intimidation, among many other challenges, is becoming bigger hazard towards free media and freedom of expression. If these challenges remain unaddressed, the Afghan media will remain in a precarious condition.
This is the fourth biannual report of AJSC, which explores journalists’ safety during the second half of 2014. To paint a broader picture of the safety matters, this report also covers certain developments during this reporting period, which have a direct or indirect role on safety. The report includes a short overview and statistics of the cases of violence against journalists, a broad analysis of the state of media and freedom of expression and the important matters that all stakeholders need to consider in relation to the future of media in Afghanistan.
It is worth mentioning that recording of cases of violence against media workers has been done based on AJSC’s policies and procedures. AJSC only records those cases where the subjects are actively working for media as well those who are established freelance journalists.